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  • Building a Meeting

    An Annual Meeting creates momentum in a society that needs to be captured and sustained until the next meeting. The Officers and Chairs are in shock and then they busy themselves with preparations for the next annual event. The members enter a state of hibernation if left undisturbed. It is useful to continue a steady flow of information targeting the membership including some of the following items:

    • Highlights of the last meeting
    • Announcement of the charge and composition of new committees
    • Brief outline of the program for the next meeting
    • Description of features found in the next meeting site
    • Announcement of special opportunities at next meeting (sightseeing, post meeting travel, special events, etc.)
    • Biography of honored guest
    • Organization business (new members, liaison with other societies, academic news, etc.)
    • More meeting details
    • Registration/Reservation materials

    It is possible to build excitement for the coming meeting, starting with generalities and moving on to more detailed information, plus increasing the frequency of mailings as the next meeting approaches. This can be done with straight mail or a newsletter.

    Principle: provoke anticipation and excitement for the next annual meeting beginning within hours after the last meeting.

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