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  • Resident Fellowship

    The application period for the Neurosurgery Publications 2024–2025 Resident Fellowship is now closed.

    Neurosurgery Publications is currently seeking a neurosurgical resident, with an interest in scholarly publishing, to join the Editorial Boards of Neurosurgery Publications as the 2024-2025 Resident Fellow.

    The position is intended to expose residents to the strategies and mechanics of scholarly publishing. The Resident Fellow will participate in the editorial process, creative projects, and new initiatives, and will act as an ex officio liaison between Neurosurgery Publications and neurosurgery residents and fellows.

    The Resident Fellow will also be involved in writing select articles for Congress Quarterly together with the Editor-in-Chief. The Resident Fellow will be mentored by the Neurosurgery Publications editorial office staff, including the Director of Publications and Editor-in-Chief. The fellow will report to the Director of Publications and Editor-in-Chief. Residents in their PGY-5 year and beyond, on elective (non-core) or research rotations would be ideal.

    The length of the fellowship is one calendar year (July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025) and the average time commitment would be 10 hours per week.

    The position is open to residents in U.S. and Canadian programs. The position is unpaid and duties are conducted virtually. Any necessary training will be provided by webinars, and communication will be conducted via e-mail and phone calls.

    The fellow will receive support to attend the CNS Annual Meeting during the term. Funding would cover airfare and two nights of hotel accommodations. While there, the fellow would be expected to attend the Editorial Board Reception.

    Those interested in this position should submit the following via the application portal, beginning January 8, 2024: Demographics, anticipated graduation date, a personal statement with a specific goal or project they want to work on, CV, a letter of recommendation, and a letter of support of time commitment from the resident director/chair.

    Questions? Please contact

  • "The NEUROSURGERY Publications Resident Fellowship is an incredible opportunity for any neurosurgery resident with an interest in academic neurosurgery. As fellow I worked alongside the Editor-in-Chief and the publications staff to gain a firsthand understanding of the academic publishing process. This included co-authoring editorials and commentaries, performing peer reviews, and working as an editor. The fellowship also provides access to an unprecedented network of leaders in the field of neurosurgery through the editorial board and the opportunity to collaborate with them on new projects and initiatives."

    Matthew J. McPheeters, MD, MBA
    Chief Resident; University at Buffalo, Department of Neurosurgery

  • "I am only 2 months into the fellowship and it has been a great experience. Everyone on the team is welcoming and helpful, and I have already been assigned to work on projects. This fellowship is an excellent opportunity to work with and learn from experts and talented individuals and influence the field of neurosurgery."

    Tarek Y. El Ahmadieh, MD (PGY-5, University of Texas Southwestern)

  • "My experience as the Neurosurgery publications fellow was amazing. It not only helped me get a better understanding of the editorial process, but also improve my own editorial skills, get involved in numerous projects and create platforms and resources helpful for the residents. It is a unique learning opportunity for neurosurgery residents and I would encourage others to avail it as well."

    Saniya Godil, MD, MSCI (PGY-6, Vanderbilt)

  • "Serving as the fellow this past year was a great opportunity to learn the editorial side of creating such a publication like Neurosurgery. Not only did this experience allow me to be more comfortable with analyzing and editing manuscripts of all different types, it has also improved my own writing of manuscripts and forced me to think more critically about the design and methodology of clinical research. "

    Ann Liu, MD (PGY-6, Johns Hopkins)

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